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I've always loved small towns, but I also enjoy watching the kids fall in love with them. I love the beauty and the surprises when I visit these quiet but charming small towns with their buildings and special sights hidden in their charm.

The best food on the menu was Sovy N Biscuits, with my 8-year-old daughter licking the plate clean and Lesse (12 years old) saying she had never tasted a pancake so light and fluffy. We ordered mussels, but this year it was little D (8 years old) who tried them and didn't even see them. My family is constantly begging for new dishes so we can leave the world of comfort food and go out into the wild.

Central Dairy is a local dairy that operates on its own, which is fascinating, but the wonderful thing is its ice cream. When we entered this tiny diner, a few locals informed us that the meal at the Towne Grill was worth it. The Memphis-style breast puree and ribs were delicious, as were the grass - lined with burgers, and we felt at home, casually dressed for a train ride to Jefferson City. This small restaurant could be considered an upscale area, with an outdoor dining room and an outdoor terrace.

Jefferson Country's history can be traced back to the mega mammal we found during our visit to Mastodon State Historic Park. The park also features many stone buildings built during the Depression of the 1930s and has the oldest Native American and American sites to visit in the state of Missouri. This museum has memorabilia that traces the development of the city with maps, artifacts and pictures.

The Mastodon State Historic Site is a vast 425-acre site that preserves the Kimmswick Bone Bed. Numerous skeletal fragments have been found in the area, which is inhabited by the largest mammal of its kind, the mastodon. Visit dinosaurs and other ancient sites to learn more about the history of the site and other ancient sites in Jefferson County.

If dinosaurs aren't your thing, explore Washington State Park, where prehistoric rock paintings of Native American tribes dating back over 1,000 years are on display. The park is 1,875 hectares and there are trails on which you can explore on your own where dinosaurs and Indians lived. If you are more interested in the more recent culture, visit an interesting civil preservation structure built in the 1930s and housing a museum of prehistoric art and artifacts. This park offers all kinds of activities including hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, horseback riding, kayaking, fishing and much more if you want to stay overnight.

It shows one of the four roofed bridges still standing in the state of Missouri, the Missouri River Bridge, a historic bridge over the Mississippi River in Missouri.

Nature lovers will love to venture onto one of the four roofed bridges that still stand in the state of Missouri, the Missouri River Bridge, a historic bridge over the Mississippi River in Missouri. Take a tour of this house and enjoy the beautiful views from the bridge as well as the scenic views of St. Louis County and the river.

The Anheuser estate is a 23-acre Antebellum estate that was once the residence of Fred, Mabel and Ruth An heuser. When the couple died, the Kimmswick home was left as part of the family collection, which includes a family library, family heirlooms and antiques.

Director Karsten said his office is continuing to maintain the National Strategic Warehouse for Emergency Medical Service Equipment (EMS) and announced that the first shipment of the "National Strategic Stock" has been sent to 148 Missouri hospitals and emergency services. He also said 200 sets of goggles arrived Monday and more equipment will arrive and be sent to fire departments and police nationwide.

He said the State Department had identified key personnel and about 15,000 state employees had begun working remotely. Commissioner Steelman said the state Department of Health and Human Services now has more than 2,500 employees, about 1,200 of whom work in leased or state-owned office buildings. He also said IT staff have set up extra call centres to take more calls from the public.

Parson said Missouri continues to have a strong food supply, adding that the state's farmers, ranchers and grocers are working hard to quickly replenish the shelves. He also said the US Department of Homeland Security had identified food and agriculture as "critical infrastructure workers" in the COVID-19 response. Director Sandy Karsten also spoke, saying her top priority is to get access to food, water, energy and other vital supplies for Missouri residents and businesses.

The health centre issues renewal of the county's food and drink permits to those who reimburse the annual cost of the permit. Applicants who are denied food or drink permits by the county or whose permits are revoked can have their permits revoked by petition. JCHC Food R.R. was established as a non-profit organization under the Missouri Food and Beverage Control Act. During business hours, it is made available to the public for inspection and review by the Health Board.

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