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Here are some of the best places to do good in Jefferson City, Missouri, the state capital and the second largest city in the country.

Jefferson City is located on one of Missouri's most beautiful terrain and offers great places to explore on day trips or by train. You can spend time in this magnificent capital city and explore the wineries, parks and a number of museums that make Jefferson City an experience. Stroll through the picturesque downtown area and visit the charming gift shops where you can enjoy, discover and buy souvenirs and gifts to remember your trip to Jefferson City. Jefferson City offers a variety of great restaurants, bars, shops and restaurants, as well as a wide range of entertainment options.

You can visit the Missouri Military Museum to learn about the state's military history through the various exciting artifacts on display. The Jefferson City Historical Museum and Museum and the State Capitol Building also offer a chance to explore the roots of Missouri government and the charm and culture of an early political society.

To see what it was like to live in Missouri in the 19th century, visit the Jefferson Landing State Historic Site. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources maintains the largest collection of historic buildings, monuments and sites in the state. These include state-owned buildings such as the Missouri State Capitol and the State House. The buildings in this historic site form the history of Jefferson City and its history as a city and state.

The Museum of Missouri Military History, located at the National Guard Training Center, displays Missouri's military history in various exhibitions and collections. The Missouri State Museum was founded in 1919 and shows the history of the Missouri Army and Navy as well as the history of the state in general. Located on the second floor of the St. Louis National Guard Training Center, it offers a holistic account of Kansas City and its history that captivates visitors.

The Missouri River winds through Jefferson City, and the capital sits on top of it overlooking the river. The bridge also offers views of the state Capitol, which can be seen from the bridge, as well as the St. Louis National Guard Training Center, Missouri State Museum and other buildings.

The dome-shaped Missouri State Capitol Building dominates the cityscape and river in an elevated setting. Perched on a limestone cliff on the banks of the Missouri River, this stunning landmark dominates the Jefferson City skyline. Also nearby is the St. Louis National Guard Training Center, which is topped by a simple stone column in the front wing.

Located in the heart of Jefferson City, just blocks from the Missouri State Capitol, the Missouri Governor's House is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Missouri. The Governor's Mansion is known for its historical significance and the opportunity to learn about the history of many of our state's governors, and is a popular destination for visitors to the state Capitol and other historic sites. The property covers about 10 acres and offers scenic views of the Capitol and the Missouri River.

A little further away is the enticing city of St. Louis, where avid photographers come to capture the David R. Francis Quadrangle right in front of the residents of the University of Missouri. There are a number of great ways to visit Columbia and Jefferson City, with a variety of attractions to choose from in each city.

In Columbia, for example, you can visit Finger Lakes State Park, which is great for hiking, camping, fishing and of course, the Missouri River. Near the capital, you can visit Columbia - Jefferson City International Airport, where the University of Missouri, Missouri State University, St. Louis Museum of Natural History and Jefferson County Courthouse are all in one place.

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Visit Missouri State Penitentiary to learn more about how prisons work and how inmates live there. Take a two-hour guided tour with a very knowledgeable staff member and learn about the history of the prison and its history in Jefferson City, Missouri and throughout the state.

The Jefferson Landing Historic Site is the first area to be settled in the city of Jefferson and the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition passed through it. Visit the Missouri State Capitol to learn more about Missouri history while admiring the stunning building with stunning river views. Don't miss the new Lewis & Clark monument, which overlooks the historic site and its historic buildings.

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